Aug 28, 2015

Kristina Rates Things

Hi, I’m going to rate some things on this overcast (quel surprise!) but strangely balmy San Francisco morning.

Making a new friend: A+
Straight Outta Compton: A-
The sushi last night in Japantown: B-
The “Secret Breakfast” Humphrey Slocombe ice cream flavor: C, surprisingly
Feeling like the world is full of possibilities after feeling like a bum in a dark hole for the past week and a half: A+++

The Saga series: A
This book club I’m a part of: A
Another book club event I definitely don’t want to be a part of: “Discuss Modern Romance, picnic… and maybe yoga!”: C
The subtle sexism in this one Meetup group I’ve been going to: F
My camera being broken: F
Leaving work at 3 pm to go camping in the redwoods: A+++

Squats: B
The Twirl and Dip swirl cone dipped in TCHO chocolate with sea salt on top: A for taste; D for price
The fact that summer fruit season is almost over: F
The health of the very expensive plant I bought: A!
The number of times I catch myself grinding my teeth on a daily basis: F
Revisiting this New Yorker story about pandas: A
My local laundromat: B+

Living in San Francisco: Still an A

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